Resources Built With You in Mind


Why Custom Curriculum?

Resources built with you in mind specifically for your group. The constant search for material for your class, small group, or event has come to an end with custom curriculum from Your Youth Ministry Curriculum.

Custom curriculum designed around:

Your Calling– With custom curriculum, you can get back to loving and pouring into students. We give you the tools and let you focus on the relationships.

Your Schedule- With custom curriculum, you can have the exact number of weeks you need to fit the time for your group. No more cramming a 10-lesson study into a 6-week block. No more editing an hour lesson to fit in a 30 minute meeting.

Your Format– With custom curriculum, you can have material that meets your format. Do you need a one page introduction and 10 discussion questions? No problem. Do you want talk sheets with blanks for your students to fill out? We have whatever you need.

Your Theology- With custom curriculum, you no longer have to worry about the awkward lesson on baptism or supernatural gifts getting back to the deacons or elders. We can design material to match your church’s theological lens whether you fit in denominational boxes or not.

Your Leaders- With custom curriculum, your leaders will smile because they can spend time focusing on discipling students through content instead of trying to place a curriculum puzzle piece that does not fit.

Your Students- With custom curriculum, your students will grow as your material leads them effectively down your goals and path of discipleship for them.