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Your Youth Ministry Curriculum, a Birdsong Innovations company, was birthed out of doing ministry in the trenches as a youth pastor for 12 years in the local church. Our Chief Creative, Dr. Ben Birdsong, has walked as a youth pastor and alongside youth ministers for years hearing the frustrations of traditional curriculum. He has heard (and said) many of the following comments about using traditional curriculum:

  • “How can I cram a 10-week study into 6-weeks?”
  • “How can we cover 90 minutes of material in 30 minutes?”
  • “How are my leaders supposed to prepare with all of this material?”
  • “How can we stream this video with our church’s 1980s technology?”
  • “I wish this lecture had some activities.”
  • “I wish one of these activities included reading the Bible.”
  • “This material was great until we got to the lesson that contradicted our church and denominations teaching on baptism.”

Ben’s own frustration with curriculum caused him to develop his own material to be used while in youth ministry. Throughout the years, Ben has had the privilege of working with Epic Media, First Priority, Leader Treks, Rooted Ministries, Student Life, and Youth Ministry 360 as a writer for their curriculum projects.

With Your Youth Ministry Curriculum, Ben and a team of writers help to bring their publishing experience and ministry experience to your church through custom content for your ministry.

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Dr. Ben Birdsong

Chief creative

From writing messages to blog content to ghostwriting books and articles, Ben Birdsong has a gift in making ideas come to life and communicating God’s truth in a way that gets maximum results for your students.

With experience as a speaker, author, and seminary professor, Ben has spent his career communicating content from God’s Word to others. From anything from small group material to discipleship content, Ben is the right person to build resources for your students with you in mind.

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The Team

Ministry PRACTITIONERS with gifts for content

Your Ministry Curriculum is building a team of ministry practitioners with gifts for content as the demands for custom content expands. These writers all bring their own skills and talents to developing content for your ministry.

If you are interested in applying to be a writer and content developer for Your Ministry Curriculum, please click here to apply.