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At Your Youth Ministry Curriculum, we value producing content to meet your ministry’s needs and take your discipleship plan to the next level. When we think of curriculum that is effective for real life ministry, we value the following:

Gospel-Centered– Jesus is the Hero of the Bible and the gospel is the message that the entire scriptures point to. We believe that curriculum should point to Jesus as the Hero and our need and reliance for Him for salvation and living the Christian life.

Text-Driven– The Bible is God’s inerrant and inspired Word. Our studies will focus on the Word of God as the source for true transformation. Though we offer both topical and textual students, they will both be grounded in scripture.

Multiple Formats– We realize that discipling your students does not fit into a box. From events like camps, retreats, and DNows to everyday discipleship of small groups, Sunday school classes, and discipleship training, Your Youth Ministry curriculum wants to be your source for content.

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We’re able to apply a number of different options to help ensure the success of your content based on your project’s specific needs

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